Bold Text: The Secret SEO Strategy You MUST Use!

Bold Text SEO strategy

Written by White Label SEO

November 26, 2021

Start Using This Secret SEO Strategy today

Bold text is one of the SEO practices that has been around for many years. Aside from making your content more readable, there are other SEO benefits too. This blog post will explore how bold text can help with a hidden SEO Strategy and give you some ideas on when it should be used in your writing!

Improve SEO Content Readability

Google’s John Mueller confirms bolding important text in a paragraph can help your website’s SEO as it allows Google to understand the content better.

Bolding is typically used for headings, lists and other sections of writing which you want to stand out from the rest — heading tags are an example of this too! But there’s no need to go overboard with bolding on your site. If you’re bolding every word of a paragraph, it can look strange and feel less natural than one would expect from reading an article online — especially if there is already plenty of white space around the text!

Google’s crawlers look for text that’s either bolded or italicised in an effort to understand what’s important on that page. This comes in handy when you’re using SEO writing techniques like keyword usage, meta descriptions and H tags. For example, if you were to bold your keywords for SEO purposes it would make them stand out to Google much more than they usually do!

SEO Benefits Of Bolded Text Are Relative

Mueller clarifies that the value of bolded text is relative to the rest of the content on the page. In other words, if you have a paragraph with one or two sentences bolded out of 20 it won’t make much SEO difference.

Bolding as an SEO strategy is typically used to highlight keywords, phrases and text which are of utmost importance on a particular page. It can also help with SEO if you’re using headings or subheadings as bolding the first word of each makes them stand out more!

How User Experience is Impacted by Bold Texts

Users usually scan the content without reading it for understanding upon landing on a new website. If they come across bolded text, they are able to ascertain what the entire page is all about.  This is why SEO and user experience go hand-in-hand. SEO writing techniques like bolding help users scan text faster and therefore get a better understanding of what’s on the page — this benefits both parties!

Bolding your SEO keywords can be beneficial for both SEO and UX, but you need to proceed with caution when using it.

Start using Bold Text Today & Improve Readability, UX AND SEO Results!

Bold tags are a powerful tool to use when you want your blog post content to stand out. It makes the text bold and easy for people to read, even if they’re skimming or scanning the page. Try using them in this way on your next piece of writing!

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